Classroom Safety Tips

How to Establish Classroom Safety Tips

Keeping classrooms safe is a must. These classroom safety tips should help teachers, students, and parents’ safe while in the confines of the classroom. They also keep schools safe from lawsuits! So pay attention:

  • Like walk not run
  • Point scissors end down,
  • Keep your hands to yourself,
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Avoid Tripping

To keep both students and teachers from tripping, make sure that there are no electrical wires or telephone wires or even computer wires along the floor. Keep the floor and walkway clear of electrical, telephone and computer cables, boxes, etc. They are tripping hazards waiting to happen.

Don’t allow any running while in the classroom – or anywhere else within school buildings. Running should only be allowed outside or in the school gym.

These classroom safety tips also cover the type of flooring and arrangement of furniture. Ensure that all floors are not slippery or easy to slip on. Any liquid that is spilled has to be cleaned up immediately.

The furniture in the classroom should be arranged in such a way that there are no obstacles on the aisles. There should be no barrier in the way of doors or windows.

Classroom Safety Tips

  • Get Students Involved in  Writing out Classroom Safety Tips

One sure fire way to increase student participation and cooperation in enforcing safety procedures is to have them involved right from the beginning. Get the students actively involved in training on classroom safety tips, and jointly come up with safety rules for all students. Let the students determine what the penalties are for non compliance with classroom safety tips. Appoint safety a martial from among the students who will ensure compliance. Once the rules are established, they have to be posted within the classroom. Train students in first aid and other classroom safety tips.

  • Classroom Safety Tips for Emergencies

Each class has to be involved in school fire drills and other such training. Teachers can make sure that their students know where the emergency escape routes are. There has to be a first aid kit prominently displayed in the classroom. Train all the students to know where all nearby phones are and which numbers to call in any emergency situation.

  • Classroom Safety tips in the Laboratory

While in the lab, enforce a strict no-smoking policy. Eating and drinking should also be disallowed. Ensure that students do not come to the lab in open shoes or with bare feet. Do not allow any playing of pranks in the lab, and ensure that long hair is tied to prevent it catching fire. There should be safety glasses available whenever needed and there should also be lab coats.

  • Classroom Safety Tips for dealing with Bullies

Bullying is a huge issue in schools and no provision on classroom safety tips is complete without it. Take an active stand against bullying and be aware that bullying can be emotional as well as physical. It helps when you have a plan in advance of what to do with bullies. Let students know what behavior is unacceptable and what to do in those situations. Train students to have self confidence and handle difficult situations, especially when they are teased. They feel so much better when they can handle it themselves. When it comes to bullying, create a team of students to handle minor incidents among their peers.

  • Be Approachable

As a teacher, ensure that you are approachable and have a way of dealing with information from students without revealing the source. Many students fear reporting bullying or even abuse for fear of social consequences. Be discreet and take time to investigate each claim and don’t tell off a student for giving any information. Occasional class meetings offer a forum for students to raise concerns. Probably the best of classroom safety tips is to create a sense of unity among the members of the class and there will be fewer incidents of bullying.

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